Challenge 1 – Self service portal for managing connected apps.

Inspired by developers.facebook build an app in choice of your technology with web interface to offer below screens

  • Create a App
  • Create App
  • Add recaptcha check
  • Recaptcha
  • Show status of the application once created, maintain in development or in production mode.
  • Status display
  • Manage custom fields to store privacy policy and terms of service url
  • We have to store the displayname and namespace as attributes on connected app that would be created
  • Callback url, oauth-scope should be selectable.
  • Provide option to configure DPO requirements

  • UI similar to App Launcher to display the list of apps that users manage.
  • apphome launcher


Challenge 2 – Build a VSCode plugin to perform ez-commit

Salesforce allows sandbox development with salesforce dx cli + salesforce extensions for vscode.

For a manifest project used for sandbox development, provide a way to show the metadata information that is accessible, and provide ability to select components.

Use the JIRA api to download the JIRA projects and tickets accessible.

Link JIRA ticket to the commit ID.

Download components on selection, and provide an option to commit to your local repository.



Challenge 3

Build a chatbot UI in LWC.

  • Host a dummy API in your chosen server that can respond to the bot.
  • The UI should be similar to this
  • chatbot

Hackathon Sponsors


20,000 in prizes

Cash Prize per Person in Team

Each Person in the team will receive a minimum amount of 5000 rs .

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Participants: Open to Global Delivery team working on bFO projects in Schneider Electric

Ensure you can spend time on working on these topics for the dates of 23rd and 24th January. 


The below documents are required for each challenge.

1. Approach proposal or design architecture

2. Source code - can be on a private git repo (github or gitlab is free) or zip file. Please provide access to for public and sesa206167 for .

3. For code , comments are appreciated.

4. Do not store any se credential on public github accounts. 


Siddharatha Nagavarapu

Siddharatha Nagavarapu
Schneider Electric

Anil Kumar Sistla

Anil Kumar Sistla
Schneider Electric

Christoph Bouchet

Christoph Bouchet



Judging Criteria

  • Design Architecture
    Clear approach of solving the challenge. A simple workflow of design using lucidcharts is encouraged.
  • Working app
    if the app is functional with the key feature set.
  • Team collaboration
    We encourage you to collaborate during hackathon. Any tool that you use to prove that you collaborated during hackathon like Teams, managing code with git repo and collaborating on git.
  • Presentation
    A good narrative helps understand your approach , solution and share your experience in working on these topics. Include the value proposition (New capability, operational efficiency , cost saving)

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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